7 Make-up tips to rock the hot weather in the UAE

7 Make-up tips to rock the hot weather in the UAE

Everybody knows about the UAE weather, it’s either hot or hotter. Even ladies in Dubai look for such long-lasting make-up products that don’t melt away in just a few hours and takes minimum effort to look flawless all day.

Let’s have a look at these 7 make-up tips to try out in this hot summer in UAE.

1. Know your skin

Visit a suitable dermatologist to get to know better about your skin type. They also provide free tips too which could be healthy for your skin before applying these make-up products.

2. Start with a moisturizer or a proper base

The best thing you could do to your skin is to use an oil-free moisturizer that matches with your skin perfectly mostly in the morning time.

3. Invest in a primer

Primers are great for summers especially for people living in Dubai. A good primer isn’t heavy at all and holds the make-up in place too.

4. Apply some bronzer

Applying a good bronzer on certain areas of your face like chin, nose or cheekbones makes your skin look fresh and healthy. It makes the face seem all natural when faced with the scorching rays of the sun.

5. Use good liquid eyeliner

Needless to say, a good liquid eyeliner works like magic as it enhances the beauty of the eyes and makes them look more prominent and sharper.

6. Keep the things light

It’s better to keep things light with a tinted moisturizer and a concealer. Preventing your make-up from caking requires applying the right amount of make-up. In any case, less is more especially when it’s hot.

5. Apply Mascara

Why not? Mascara is great for eyelashes and the eyes. You can apply some on your eye-brows too as it gives a more stylish look. It’s also essential to look for the best waterproof mascara in Dubai stores are offering since you might not like them to dry up immediately after using for a few days.

6. Skip the Shimmer and the heavy eye-shadow

Avoid applying anything too luminous as it gives a sweaty-looking or shiny sparkle look on your face which looks too awkward during those hot days. Even a heavy eye-shadow make-up looks too extra. Though, ladies do use light colors from the matte eyeshadow palette in Dubai which looks heavenly at times.

7. Use Waterproof make-up

The best and the obvious tip is to wade into waterproof stuff whether it’s a mascara or a foundation. It stays for long periods even if you’re going swimming or sweating your heart out.